March 2009

Tomas para prensa hechas por Cris Welcomme!!!

Guy Bingley, un dire de arte de Londres, que entre otras cosas es VJ de Massive Attack publico nuestras fotos en su blog junto a las de el artista Peruano Huanchaco{+]

Mostly, Brain Pickings is about ideas — revolutionary new ideas that no one has seen or thought of before, and old ideas that most have seen, but no one has thought of in this way before.

The Art of Identity By Maria Popova
What bathroom signage has to do with aviator masks and our shared existential journey.

The notion of identity has always been a fundamental subject of restless exploration in art. Today, we look at 3 very different creative meditations on the tools of crafting, disguising and exposing the self — masks and costumes. [toda la nota aqui]